The Martinsville Community Center is committed to providing opportunities for members of the community to improve their quality of life. The activities and events held at the MCC support this goal. Announcements will also be posted to this page of the website.

MCC Fall Newsletter

September 14, 2021

Dear MCC Member,

We hope you enjoyed a healthy and safe summer.  Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on Bridgewater Township and the surrounding areas.  The MCC building did not have any damage but the Washington Valley Library suffered flooding.  Fortunately the books are fine but the rug had to be removed and we had PowerDry come in right away to dry the floor.  We are in the process of cleaning up the mud and selecting a new floor covering.  In the meantime, the library will be closed.  We will post a message on the MCC sign when the library reopens. 

The Washington Valley Library is one of Bridgewater Township’s historic buildings.  It was the original Martinsville Fire Department firehouse, built in the mid-1920’s following the fire that destroyed most of Martinsville.  When the Fire Department built Station 1 in the early 1950’s, the building became a library, serving the Martinsville School and the community.  The Washington Valley Library is owned and operated by the Martinsville Community Center.  The books are provided by the Somerset County Library System, but the MCC provides the volunteers and pays for the maintenance of the building.  We do not receive any funding from the County or Bridgewater Township.  Our funds come from membership, rentals and donations for the MCC.  If you are interested in volunteering at the library (once it re-opens), please contact us at

The MCC calendar has been filling up with activities.  There are eight (8) Girl Scout troops meeting at the MCC this year. Check out the MCC website to see what is planned ( ). 

In the coming weeks, you will receive a Call for Nominations for the 2022 Board of Director election in November.  Consider giving some of your time as a volunteer on the Board. 

We hope to see you soon!  Stay well!

MCC Executive Board

President, Jane Gandolfe                                                        Trustees:

Vice President, Al Beronio                                                      Rich Barnett

Treasurer, Virginia Consalvo                                                  Steve Barthelmes

Recording Secretary, John Cronin                                         Tom Belardo

Corresponding Secretary, Tim Hurley                                   Carole Juth

                                                                                                     Rich Lepik

Volunteers Needed


Volunteers are needed for the building/yard clean-ups and also to help organize events. If you have ideas for activities for adults or for children, please contact Jane Gandolfe, or (732) 469-0999. This is YOUR community center and we want you/your family to enjoy it. Remember annual membership is only $25/household.

Washington Valley Library News

The Washington Valley Library is thriving. It is a great one room library, with terrific children’s books, and the newest fiction books. Also, there are the latest magazines, and they circulate! The reading program with the Giving Nest preschool (next door) which began a year ago is working out well. These youngsters come to the library at least once a month and have learned how to select and borrow books. What a great way to develop a love of reading from the start! If you are interested in volunteering at the library (2 hrs/day, one day a month or more), please contact Carole Juth at