MCC Facility Use / Rental Information

The Martinsville Community Center (MCC) is the perfect place to have a party, host a meeting, or celebrate life events. The MCC is also partnering with other organizations to host activities.

The MCC has several rooms available for rentals. A renter does not have to be a member of the MCC, although members do receive a discount on the rental rate in the second year of membership. Each room can be arranged to accommodate a number of different configurations, based on the needs of the renter. A representative of the MCC will meet with the potential renter to discuss his/her needs and make a recommendation on the best room for the rental (parties, meetings, seminars, fundraisers, etc.).

The first floor of the MCC is handicap accessible, including the restrooms. The second floor is not handicap accessible. There is a designated handicap parking space on the west side of the building.

The MCC Rental Agreement outlines the responsibilities of the renter, as well as describing the rooms that are available, including the rates and capacity of each room. Every renter must provide the MCC with a Certificate of Insurance, per the rental agreement. When calculating the amount of time for the rental, the renter needs to  include setup and clean-up time.  Rentals need to end by 10:00pm.

As part of its 501c3 (nonprofit) designation, the MCC is delighted to provide meeting space for our local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, as well as the Friends of Bridgewater History, at no charge. Consideration for nonprofit organization meetings can only be given if the calendar schedule allows.

Questions regarding rentals may be directed to

Martinsville Community Center Rental Agreement Form