About Washington Valley Library

The Washington Valley Library is part of the Somerset County Library System and is a one-room reading station. It houses a wide collection of adult and children’s fiction books and is staffed by volunteers. Stop by and visit the library (see library hours) — it is like stepping back in time!


The library facility has a long history in Martinsville and was the original Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department building. It was built in 1928 on property owned by the Martinsville Community Center (called the Martinsville Club House at that time) and served the town until it moved to a larger fire station at 1920 Washington Valley Road which was built in 1934. When the current fire house (Station 1) was built, the building was converted to a library and served the Martinsville School from the mid 1950’s until the school closed in the 1970’s. The Washington Valley Library continues to serve the community today.


The library is staffed completely by volunteers. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should contact Carole Juth at library@martinsvillecommunitycenter.org or (732)356-2363.