MCC Annual Meeting – November 12th

Wednesday, November 12th: MCC Annual Meeting at 7:30pm at the MCC.

A ballot and a proposed 2015 budget was mailed out to all members. Be sure to vote, either by mail or in person at the meeting. Every vote is important and the voting requirements in the MCC By Laws must be met (50% plus 1 of eligible members).
Nominees for the Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary (responsibilities listed below) are still needed. Please contact Jane Gandolfe at if you are interested in helping with either of these positions.

Corresponding Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that meeting notices are communicated to members and for all other correspondence as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

Recording Secretary: The Secretary shall cause to be kept a full and complete record of the proceedings of the Corporation, and shall cause the minutes of all meetings of other committees to be prepared and filed with the records of the Corporation, shall cause notices to be issued in accordance with these By-Laws of all meetings of the Corporation, shall be custodian of the corporation seal and all official documents, and shall perform such other duties as are properly required by the Corporation.